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Sustainability is the capacity to maintain, support, or endure. We view global sustainability as the earth’s capacity to maintain, support, or endure the continued survival of the human species in absence of any major catastrophic event. This can only be accomplished by generating a balance between a healthy environment with responsible resource management, while stabilizing human population growth. At Colombia World, we believe education and awareness is a key first step in this process and we aim to deliver it in the most exciting, thrilling, and memorable way possible!

Lightly! As we will be moving around the country, it can become tiresome to lug around excess amounts of unnecessary luggage. We recommend packing only the essentials, and leaving room for things you will pick up on your journey. Furthermore, domestic flight luggage allowances are not as accommodating as international flights, with stricter restrictions on baggage weight. Please check with the airlines for details.

For recommendations and guidance for which items are essential and which items are not so essential, check out this helpful site: "What to pack - World Backpackers". You can click on “example packing list” to look at a basic packing list, and modify it to suit your needs. “Useful packing tips” might also help. This link is a backpacker’s reference, and therefore some information may not apply. Nonetheless, this site a good source for adventure travellers of all kinds.

You will be grateful when you glide through the airport with your feather-light suit case!

No. There is absolutely no requirement for our guests to speak Spanish. Each tour is accompanied by bilingual staff to help facilitate every aspect of the trip. Guests are always encouraged to learn as much Spanish as they feel comfortable with in order to benefit from mingling and interacting with locals, a marvelously rewarding experience! Our visitors will notice that, as is Colombian custom, locals will always do their best to be welcoming and friendly to foreigners, even if they don’t speak the same language.

Most tourists will feel the warm Colombian welcome regardless of their knowledge of Spanish.

This depends on personal spending preferences. All of our tours are all-inclusive, therefore any additional personal expenses (ex: souvenir shopping, shopping for personal items, drinks, extra snacks etc.) are up to you.

Note: There will be access to instant teller services at most destinations, therefore, guests need not worry about bringing large sums of money. Rather, we advise that you bring a conservative amount of money, and withdraw money on an as-needed basis. Travellers checks are always a good back up in case your cards give you trouble (a rare occurrence that is not likely to happen).

The Colombian Peso (COP) is the official currency and the only currency accepted at most establishments.

At Colombia World we are here to help you and to offer you nothing but the best quality of service. If you cannot find the answers to any of your questions on the site, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives at info [at] colombiaworldtours [dot] com. Thank you!

1 country...1 camera...16 months...

All these wonderful pictures of Colombia were captured on location by our staff and friends. We're not kidding when we tell you that Colombia is beautiful! We've been there ourselves, and we have thousands of amazing pictures to prove it!

Colombia World staff spent 16 months of intense research to bring you to the best destinations Colombia has to offer. During this time each and every destination on your itinerary was hand-picked, personally reviewed, and photographed. From the thousands of gorgeous photos taken, hundreds of the very best were selected and put into the beautiful collages you see all over our website, in order to show you the beauty that is Colombia.

Our staff cares about the website and your experience:

  • Our president and founder, Dr. Vivian Kulaga, photographed most of the pictures you see on this website. She took these when visiting all the hand-selected restaurants, hotels, and extreme sport providers, included in your trip. She also spent many hours putting together the dozens of collages on most of our pages.

  • Our vice president, O.J. Fidelino, designed this website with care to make sure it’s user friendly for you. He also personally photographed the delightful banner photos displayed at the top of each page, and some of the photos found in the collages.

Other valuable contributions to the photos on our website were made by our Colombia World friends, Jorge Delgado and Oscar Navarro. Thank you!


So please enjoy our pictures and this site, come join us on a tour, and take some amazing pictures of your own!

With exception of banner photos, and one collage photo, all photos were taken with one camera.
All pictures are copy written and the property of Colombia World. To purchase rights or permission to use any of the pictures displayed on the website please contact us at info [at] colombiaworldtours [dot] com. Thank you.
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