Choose Colombia

Colombia provides unsurpassed beauty, biodiversity, adventure, and hospitality.

Colombia is the only country in the world to be bordered by both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans while also containing giant parts of Amazonian rainforest and the world’s highest coastal mountain range (the breathtaking Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta topping out at over 5700 m above the Caribbean Sea). Also, the world’s longest continental mountain chain, the Andes Mountain range, can be found in Colombia, where it splits into three magnificent ranges creating one of the most environmentally biodiverse and eye-stunning regions on the planet!!

Colombia contains five major geographic regions, the Andean, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Amazonian, and the Orinoquia, that result in a truly spectacular topography like no other.

This unique landscape provides tons of fun adventurous vacation possibilities such as hiking, horse-riding, white-water rafting, kayaking, rappelling down water-falls, paragliding, scuba-diving, snorkelling, zip-lining, caving, and many more, all of which are offered by Colombia World and that can be enjoyed in Colombia’s now safe environment.

It may be difficult for someone who has never been to Colombia to imagine how such stunning, natural beauty and spectacular biodiversity can come together to create an indescribably gorgeous and adventurous landscape that is so unique, so moving, it must be seen to be felt.

Perhaps it is this majestic environment that has shaped the hearts of its warm and loving people. Inviting Colombians provide hospitality truly second to none. Colombia welcomes you with arms wide open on a journey you will never forget!

Colombia is Safer for Tourists Now

Colombia has made tremendous strides in improving security within the last decade, making it safe for tourists to visit (Please see popular articles by reputable sources below). Historically, Colombia has suffered from a bad image of being thought of as a “dangerous” country, most widely known for its association with illicit drug trafficking. Fortunately, however, this image is rapidly changing with Colombia’s improved security situation and success in counternarcotics efforts.

Hundreds of thousands of yearly tourists are now returning home bragging about their fantastic Colombian vacations. According to the Colombian customs agency, because of increased security and stability in the country, the number of foreign visitors has increased since 2004 by 71.2 %, totalling 1,353,760 foreign visitors in 2009, with 29.6 % of visitors coming from North America, and 16.9 % from Europe. Now foreigners can safely experience the paradise that Colombians have known for years!

The safety and security of our clients is our top priority. As most Latin American countries, Colombia is still developing, and therefore our staff continuously monitors local news and governmental advisories, in order to keep up-to-date with local security situations to better ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. We will modify itineraries at no extra cost should the need arise due to safety concerns, however this has never happened and is extremely unlikely to occur.

Colombia, as most countries has its share of petty theft. Consequently, regular safety precautions that any tourist would take while travelling should be exercised. For tips on keeping yourself and belongings safe please visit this helpful link.

Members of our staff will do their best in assisting customers in keeping their belongings safe and secure, however, all personal items are ultimately the responsibility of their owner. We wish you a happy and safe trip!